Saturday, March 30, 2013

Since I've Been Gone!

     I have to apologize for leaving you for so long!  I know it was not great but...I do have an explanation.  I was asked to make a wedding cake about a month ago and need I say more?  

     I am far from being an accomplished wedding cake maker but it has been a dream of mine for, well, about my whole life.  I bought pans, looked at sensational pictures and dreamed of the day when I would be good enough to make one like "that".  Well, the day came and I still wasn't prepared.  But I looked at the pictures of some simple cakes and thought "How hard could it be?"  I was about to find out....

    I wasn't concerned about finding a wonderful cake recipe because I have one that I have used many times on large one layer cakes.  It turns out beauuutifully.  Then I was told that due some manufacturer changes in ingredients that my recipe was failing.  And I was told that by some pretty wonderful accomplished wedding cake makers.  Oh dear!  So I spent a few sleepless nights wondering what to do.  And with some help from my niece, Hil and her sister who makes cakes a lot it all worked out.  

     There is a lot of good advice out there on the web and I believe I probably read about 13 million hours (I never exaggerate!) of it just to be sure that I was ready for any possibility.  You just can't take chances on someone's wonderful, most special day in the world can you?  It was a fun, nerve wracking, tiring, exciting and beautiful time all in one.  In the end I was just super relieved and proud that it all came together (and also that I didn't drop it or trip with it.) Here are some of the highlights in pictures of the process.  

     If you are interested in learning from my experiences about all the steps and neat tricks I learned, please comment below and I will do a complete tutorial on making a Wedding Cake.


 Here are some of pictures of the finished product!

Thanks for your patience.  I will be blogging again very soon!


  1. So very beautiful! I knew you would do wonderful!

  2. Thanks Jeannie! You are a wonderful cook so it means a lot coming from you!

  3. I will be working on it and have it out soon!

  4. What a lovely cake.

    Hi! You have a golden gem here. Thank you for sharing.


    Visiting today from Totally Tasty Tuesdays.


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